Open Your Heart and Adopt a Child with Physical or Mental Challenges

Every year thousands of children around the world are adopted into families for a variety of reasons. The majority of these children are adopted from impoverished nations by families from the western world; filling their needs for having children and affording these children opportunities for a better life than those provided in their native land. An overwhelming number of these children are adopted quickly because of their physical and mental “ableness” with little to no developmental or health concerns, a seemingly prominent desire of many adoptive families. Sadly, there are many children that are left behind who are affected by a variety of physical and mental challenges, and they may never be given the opportunity to have a loving home.

A good example of this reality is the case of China where many children born with physical and mental challenges are excluded from the large number of adoptions, and instead are sent to the state-run orphanages that provide inadequate medical care, unsanitary conditions, poor education, and their general welfare is questionable. According to the UN report on disability and health around the world, about 15% of the world's population, or estimated 1 billion people, live with disabilities. They are the world's largest minority and many of them happen to be children, particularly females.

Fortunately, there are many kind-hearted families worldwide who have opened their hearts to children with physical or mental challenges from developing nations by providing a loving home and opportunities for them to lead a better life. At the same time, these children have brought tons of joy and happiness to these families. A perfect example of such a situation is the case of Jessica Long, a US paralympic star and one of the world's greatest swimmers. She recently won eight medals, five of which were gold, at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. She was born with the name “Tatiana” in Bratsk, Siberia to teenage Russian parents who put her in an orphanage shortly after birth and had nothing more to do with her. She became an orphan, and one year later was adopted by Beth and Steve Long, an American couple, who gave her the home and love she needed to grow up a happy child and later develop skills to shine on the world stage. Read more about Jessica Long's story.

There are so many good reasons to open your heart and family to a child with physical or mental challenges. They will greatly benefit from your display of love, and are sure to brighten your home. Here are only a few reasons why families will grow from these children of God:

The process of adopting a physically or mentally challenged child can be very complicated and lengthy. However, the reward of providing that child your loving home will be worth your time and investment. There are many resources available to parents of physically or mentally challenged children.

As a not-for-profit private organization, WFCF is proud to promote and encourage the idea of adopting physically or mentally challenged children and wish all those who pursue this heartwarming journey all the best and God's blessing.

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