“Baby Box” Facility Repairs and New Camera Installation - South Korea

By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Aug 18, 2020

In the Spring of 2020, through a very generous donation from the Hyojin Kim Nirav Patel Foundation to the World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) for use at the Jusarang Community Church (the location of the “baby box” facility) in Seoul, South Korea, WFCF allocated US$ 4,087 of the funds to go toward CCTV camera installation, a door replacement, and wall and window remodeling at the facility.


Pastor Lee and the “baby box”
Pastor Lee and the “baby box”

The “baby box” was introduced by Pastor Lee Jong-rak in 2010 after hearing reports of babies being abandoned in open air or in public restrooms, where they risked dying of hypothermia. The box was designed to act as a “dropbox” so that mothers of unwanted newborns and infants have an alternative to leaving them in such dangerous conditions.

The church building now serves as a care facility for unwed mothers and babies, and the “baby box” continues to remain operational and heavily utilized. On average, more than 200 babies are abandoned at the center each year, and the shelter looks after the new arrivals for a few days until they are moved to orphanages to await new families.

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Overview of Repairs & Improvements

The church had a total of 8 video cameras being used to check on the infants and monitor the facility, however, there were a number of blindspots on the cameras and poor picture quality which made it very difficult to see all angles of the rooms/nurseries. There were 14 new CCTVs installed which now offer a more clear and vivid picture, as well increased storage memory, and no more blindspots; thus improving the overall safety and monitoring of all of the infants and the facility.

Also, the roof door had become very weathered, noisy, and structurally unsound so it was replaced and the passageways (the walls and windows) of the residence room were remodeled.

Camera Installation

14 CCTV cameras were installed to replace the former 8 cameras. The previous 8 cameras were very poor quality and had blindspots. The new cameras offer a clearer and more vivid picture with increased storage memory and no more blindspots.

Photos of the Camera Installation Process

Camera Installation Process 1
Camera Installation Process 2
Camera Installation Process 3
Camera Installation Process 4

Before Photo (The previous 8 cameras)

Cameras (Before)

After Photo (The new 14 CCTV cameras)

Cameras (After)

Roof Door Replacement

The door on the rooftop was noisy when the wind blew heavily and was not safe or structurally sound. The new door is much safer, cleaner, and quieter.

Before Photo (The old roof door)

Roof Door 1 (Before) Roof Door 2 (Before)

After Photo (The new roof door)

Roof Door 1 (After) Roof Door 2 (After)

Wall and Window Remodeling

Wind and fine dust particles were blowing through the passageways of the residence room. Through the remodeling, the passageway looks much nicer now and there are no longer issues with wind and dust blowing through. The walls were also cleaned and coated with a waterproofing paint which prevents leaks and mold.

Photos During the Remodeling Process

Remodeling Process 1 Remodeling Process 2

Before (Passageway walls and windows)

Passageway (Before)

After (Passageway walls and windows)

Passageway 1 (After)
Passageway 2 (After)
Passageway 3 (After)

Thank You! (From Pastor Lee and the Jusarang Community Church)

God's blessing be with all of you.

Jusarang Community Church for the disabled have been working for 20 years, and Babybox ministry over 10 years with the help of supporters like you.

We do not have subsidy or support from the government due to abortion issue, but every day, we ‘SURVIVE’ and walk and even expand our ministry little by little.

I know that it is all due to the help of donors and supporters. We are walking together in this. I deeply appreciate you for helping us. As I promised, we used your donation solely for better environment of the Residence of babies and single mons –Repairing corridor floor, Replacing old door and old CCTVs.

We cleaned and painted the wall with waterproof paint. No more worries about heavy rain. We changed the interior, No more gloomy impression. When a mom is about to leave her baby, we can see her on new CCTV clearly and can immediately her to listen and talk to encourage her to raise the baby together.

If needed, she can stay in our bright residence room for a while. You gave us ‘BETTER’ changes. Hope that one day, you can come and see what you have done and how single moms are living with less worries in the place.

Again, I appreciate you for your kind decisions to help us and support.
Hope that we can walk on together continuously.

May God's grace and blessing be with all of you on your ministry.

Thank you and my best regards.

Pastor Lee

Pastor Lee
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