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By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Feb 1, 2016

World Forgotten Children Foundation has extended its outreach into Ukraine to partner with Raising Hope, Inc., to provide help for children in this war-torn nation who have very special physical and intellectual needs. In this small way, WFCF is offering hope and a better future to those living under a dark cloud of violence, economic deprivation, and severe limitation.

WFCF donated $8,000 for the purpose of purchasing ten (10) wheelchairs, at a cost of $700 each, and two (2) treadmills, at a cost of $500 each, for the benefit of orphans living with severe physical disabilities. Below, please find profile of some of the children at this facility benefiting from WFCF contributions.



Sofia is 4 years old. She is partially paralyzed, along with some brain damage and growth defects. Now, she will be able to go to the rehab center everyday for physical therapy, massages and education!


Stacik is 15 years old. He has cerebral palsy. He has an older sister, Nastaya, who is 20 years old that also has cerebral palsy. There is now a suitable wheelchair to carry Stacik to the rehab center that holds his entire body in place!


Bogdan is 9 years old. Bogdan cannot walk on his own and has a difficult time using one of his arms. They have not had a heavy duty wheelchair that they could get to the rehab center in. They have to walk 2 kilometers to get to the center down a steep incline on a cobblestone road. With this wheelchair, they will be able to not only walk to the center daily, but he will have the ability to attend the local village school starting October 1st. Bogdan will also have access to another wheelchair at the center that he will be able to use to get himself around on his own.


Sasha is 7 years old. He hasn't had the ability to get around in the city on city transporation without a wheelchair/stroller that is easily collapsible to get on the city buses. Now, they are so thankful to have a means for Sasha to get around!


Martha is 15 years old. She has cerebral palsy, and cannot walk on her own. Using her new wheelchair, she will now be able to attend the rehab center daily. When we gave her the wheelchair, she did not want us to take her home, she wanted to go in her wheelchair all the way home!

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