Mobility Equipment for Children Living in China’s Hunan Province

By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Feb 8, 2021

In September 2020, the World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) funded $6,459 USD toward mobility equipment for three children served by International China Concern (ICC).


International China Concern (ICC) is a Christian development organization that provides love, hope and opportunity to children with disabilities and strives to end abandonment and give life to the abandoned, as they believe each child is precious and deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

ICC works in two cities in China’s Hunan province, Changsha and Hengyang, where they run residential care, family-style group homes, special education, therapy programs, and more for the children in their direct care. Through their Family Partners Programme, they are also able to come alongside families raising children with disabilities and provide support services.

For children with special needs, the equipment that they use daily is essential to their comfort and well-being and cannot be underestimated. As children and young adults grow, their needs change and their equipment must reflect this. Equipment that is not well-fitted can pose a great risk for skeletal deformities, sores, infection among other risks. Hence, the commitment from ICC and WFCF to ensure that children in need are receiving apparatus that adequately support their growth and mobility.


The equipment purchased through WFCF’s funding includes a wheelchair, travel buggy, and walker manufactured by Etac (formerly R82), a world-leading developer of ergonomic mobility aids for people of all stages of life. The equipment provided included an x:panda high-quality wheelchair, a transport buggy, and a crocodile walker.

Mobility Equipment 1
x:panda Wheelchair
Mobility Equipment 2
Transport Buggy
Mobility Equipment 3
Crocodile Walker

The Children

Yang Heng Hang
Yang Heng Hang in his new x:panda wheelchair with his caregiver.

Yang Heng Hang, a young man with profound and multiple disabilities needs equipment that is specialized and adjustable. Unfortunately, his previous wheelchair was too small and he was at great risk for developing skeletal deformities. He was given a new x:panda high-quality wheelchair which provides tilt in space, additional support laterals, medials, and a seat and back that can be expanded. It will undoubtedly provide much comfort to him as he grows.

Yang Ji Fu
Yang Ji Fu and his new transport buggy.

A transport buggy was provided to Yang Ji Fu, a 7 year-old-boy who is currently too tall to sit in a standard child’s stroller, but too small for an ordinary transit wheelchair. He cannot walk without a lot of support and this means that his mobility would be extraordinarily limited without this buggy. The buggy allows him, with the support of his caregivers, to get out and about and enjoy the indoors and outdoors with ease.

Yang Fu Sheng
Yang Fu Sheng using his new crocodile walker for the first time.

A crocodile walker was provided to Yang Fu Sheng, an active and growing 15 year-old-boy who had outgrown his old walking frame and needed something more solid and stable than a regular walking frame. He is now able to stand tall and trusts this new walker which gives him confidence, comfort, and independence.

Thank You

We are immensely thankful for WFCF’s generosity, specifically regarding the support you provided in 2019. Through funding mobility equipment for our children with disabilities in Changsha, China, you are enabling the children we work with to grow into their full potential. With increased mobility comes more opportunity for independence and increased confidence for the children and we cannot thank you enough. We are truly blessed to have you as such a strong partner as we complete our 27th year of work; and look forward to exploring new ways in which we can partner in order to expand our care and services to even more children.

- International China Concern (ICC)

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