Providing Helping Hands Project (Part I) - Zambia

By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Aug 1, 2016
Providing Helping Hands Project (Part I) - Zambia

WFCF has funded the African Community Project (ACP) for the amount of $1,235 for the purpose of purchasing nine (9) beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows and bed linens, and a nominal transportation charge for the benefit of orphans living with severe physical disabilities in rural communities in Zambia, Africa.

Below, please find a report from ACP regarding how the funding was utilized in the benefit of children supported by ACP:


African Community Project has been working with communities in Zambia for the past 14 years. Our mission is to create sustainable community forests and to practise "social forestry". Part of social forestry is the well-being of the entire community. We have been working with Chibolya Community School since its creation, doing environmental education and helping the school and community become sustainable. A recent visit to the school made us aware of this deplorable situation.


Providing Helping Hands Project (Part I) - Zambia

The project was to provide the 8 handicapped children living at the school with beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows and linens, and to also provide the house mother who lived and looked after the children with the same. The beds were made by local craftsmen and the supplies where bought from local merchants. All administration costs and time to execute this project where voluntarily provided by staff from both involved organisations.

Project Budget

Total cost of the project is $1,211. There is remaining balance of $24 in the African Community Projects account. Please advise on its disbursement.

Items Kwacha Amount* US Dollar Amount*
Beds 4,500 450
Single Mattresses 3,960 396
Blankets 1,440 144
Pillows 450 45
Bed Linens 1,260 126
Transport 500 50
Total 12,110 1,211

*Currency exchange set at proposal date: 1 US Dollar to 10 Zambian Kwachas


As a privileged society, we take having our own bed for granted. Our disabled citizens are being included in almost everything we do in our daily lives, yet we forget the less fortunate of the world. There are many countries that do not have the resources or will power to provide the less fortunate with the simplest of things, like a bed. Until two years ago, the children at the school where home bound. Some were mentally and physically abused. Some will never experience a child's pleasure of just running. Education and mobility was only a dream.

Providing Helping Hands Project (Part I) - Zambia

The challenged children at Chibolya Community School are striving to be involved in school activities and to learn. The playing fields of life are stacked against them, but the simplest things, like a bed and mattress, brings confidence to them, and we all know what comfort owning your own pillow can bring.

African Community Project was very fortunate to be connected to your organisation and to be given the funds to complete the project on time and within budget. I have enclosed photos and scanned copies of the purchases. Please feel free to ask for explanations of the expenditures and outcome. The Directors of Chibolya Community School, staff, and the children, are very grateful for your help. Their needs are unlimited and continual, from better mobility aides, to transport, to physio therapy, to recreation needs at the school. On behalf of myself and African Community Project, thank you so much for your funding, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

My best regards,
Garry Brooks
African Community Project

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