Providing Helping Hands Project (Part III) - Zimba Community Forest

By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Feb 1, 2018


Providing Helping Hands Project (Part III) - Zimba Community Forest

African Community Project (ACP) has been very active in Zambia, creating community forests, reforestation and practicing ‘social forestry’ which is providing safe clean drinking water, basic health, education and community well-being for almost 15 years. ACP and WFCF have worked together in the past, specifically on the Providing Helping Hands Project (Part I) – Zambia and Providing Helping Hands Project (Part II) – Chibolya Community School. In this latest project, ACP requested that WFCF provide funding to supply mobility devices for the children of Zimba Community Forest, located between Lusaka and Livingstone in Zambia.


The Zimba Community Forest lies within the district of Zimba, a market town in southern Zambia.


ACP has helped WFCF to identify a group of children in the Zimba Community Forest desperately in need of help. These children who suffer from physical impairments are rendered unable to move on their own. Without mobility devices, they are left to crawl, hobble or be carried around.


WFCF provided ACP a sum of $1,490 toward purchase of five wheelchairs and eight sets of assorted crutches for the children of Zimba Community Forest. The wheelchairs were given to disabled children that have many challenges; the worst being unable to sit upright and propel themselves around.


This equipment has given the children of Zimba Community Forest increased mobility and quality of life. Furthermore, this project was executed by volunteer Zambians, standing up to take responsibility for things in their community.

Providing Helping Hands Project (Part III) - Zimba Community Forest

Beneficiaries’ Feedback:

  1. Twaambo Kasondela, a girl who received a wheelchair said, “I am very happy and grateful for this rare support. This enables me to live an independent life and enables me to do most of the things without anyone assisting me. God bless you all for supporting me.”
  2. Miles Sinakacha, who received a set of crutches, said, “Our situation is very pathetic. May God bless you all for restoring our integrity through this gesture.
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