Supporting Orphaned Children with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities

Improving the Quality of Life for Children Worldwide

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For more than 15 years, the World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) has been supporting the health and welfare needs of orphaned children living with disabilities in developing countries.

Regrettably, many children with cognitive and physical disabilities in developing countries are faced with a serious disadvantage as they are often considered too heavy an obligation on low-income families and are sometimes even viewed as a curse on their families. Many times, these children end up abandoned in orphanages, which lack the resources they need to adequately care for the children. As a result, many of these children die a very early death or live out their lives in substandard conditions.

Providing Hope to ICC Children – China (Part II)

WFCF for decades has supported projects that provide the necessary medical devices and care needed to improve the lives and conditions of orphaned children and young adults with disabilities. Projects that WFCF has funded in the past have allowed for the funding of:

These projects have supported infants, children, and young adults ranging from newborn to 17 years of age living with disabilities, as well as the orphanages, group homes, and other facilities they live in.

Past Projects

Call for Project Proposals

WFCF is inviting NGOs and not-for-profit organizations to submit their projects for funding consideration by WFCF at

Projects should focus on supporting and improving the lives of orphaned children with cognitive and/or physical disabilities in the following categories:

Project proposals should include the following:

In the past, WFCF has partnered with many organizations worldwide to carry out its mission. WFCF values its collaboration with organizations such as the African Community Project (ACP), International China Concern (ICC), the Baby Box Church in Seoul, and many other not-for-profit organizations worldwide. When you are graciously donating to WFCF, if you wish, you can identify a specific project that you would like your fund to be allocated to instead of making a broad contribution.

For your information, 95 cents of every dollar donated is used to support projects funded by WFCF to ensure all donations are allocated toward projects funded by WFCF rather than funds to be used in support of administrative and other miscellaneous expenses.

Please consider donating to WFCF.

WFCF is Currently Raising Funds for These Critical Needs

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