Axis of Goodness

By Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, Executive Director on Nov 1, 2006

Originally published in the WFCF Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 2, November 2006

The Axis of Goodness refers to three major components of all kindness and compassion provided to those around the world. These components are referred to as “Supporters,” “Providers,” and “Facilitators.”


“Supporters” refer to those who provide any kind of assistance such as monetary funding, tangible goods (e.g. clothing), foods, bloods, shelter, expertise (e.g. medical assistance, engineering or management), and many other forms of aid. Around the world, there are countless numbers of good people willing to serve as supporters in the wake of disasters or on a continuous basis, facilitating the causes in which they believe. In many ways these individuals can be referred to as “Financiers of Goodness.”


“Providers” are those individuals who advocate and deliver the services supplied by supporters to those who are need of assistance. These individuals can be referred to as “people on the ground,” providing all measures of help. Many of these individuals may work at facilities as volunteers on a regular basis or as suppliers of relief to victims of disasters for a period of time. These individuals can also be called “Deliverers of Goodness.”


“Facilitators” are individuals or organizations that connect the efforts of supporters and providers. The primary role of facilitators is to obtain the assistance provided by supporters through various means and in turn, work with different providers to abet services to those who are in need of assistance. Many non-profit groups, as well as government organizations, can act as facilitators by providing support to organizations or facilities and their prospective members in an effort to provide assistance to individuals who are in need of help. Through all of their actions, facilitators can be named “Agents of Goodness.”

A closer look at all forms of kindness provided for the sake of those in need can reflect the many aspects of the Axis of Goodness. Although one can get involved at any level of this system, each participating individual is viewed as an important contributor. In reality, all three components are needed to carry out the act of goodness, and it is up to the individual to decide at what level he or she can be involved. At times, one can be active in more than one level or be involved in all three levels, much like a “Mother Teresa” for all components. Organizations such as CARE, UNISCO, and WFCF act as “Supporters” and “Facilitators.” The more people who become involved in this “Axis of Goodness” system, the more goodness that can be delivered to the world would, thus creating a kinder and more compassionate place to live. So next time you make a donation to a non-profit group, volunteer to help a charity, or participate at a committee/board meeting for a good cause, remember that you are an active participant of the Axis of Goodness!

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