Message from the President of WFCF

By Beth A. Peiffer, Past President on Apr 1, 2005

Originally published in the WFCF Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1, April 2005

There is an unimaginable degree of joy in seeing a smile on the face of a child, particularly if that child happens to live in an unequipped orphanage home for physically or mentally challenged children. Regrettably, there are millions of children facing these odds around world that are in desperate need of help.

Sadly, in many poor countries around the world, physically/mentally disadvantaged children are viewed by poor families as a financial liability. Many of these families abandon these children to orphanage facilities that by no means are equipped to deal with the basic nutritional and medical needs of these children, and unable to provide them with decent and humane care. Many children facing these kinds of unfortunate circumstances die at an average age of 13 years old, and those who survive will never live a complete and productive life.

The primary mission of the World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) is to provide nutritional, medical, rehabilitation and educational support towards the welfare of indigent orphaned children in poor countries. WFCF intends to assist these children around the world based on the available resources of the foundation.

Although the mission of WFCF is immensely vast, WFCF can make a difference in assisting one child at a time, anywhere around the globe! I personally would like to invite you to join us in carrying out this challenge by becoming a supporter of this foundation and its cause. Help WFCF to become more able in carrying out its mission in providing humanistic support to these children. Your donation and support, no matter how small, can provide comfort to a needy, handicapped child in an orphanage home.

Thanks for your generous support. Please help us in providing helping hands to these unfortunate children.

WFCF Missions

WFCF supports existing or new projects that support the following missions:

  • To support new healthcare clinics or supporting existing healthcare through providing supplies or grants to the provision of healthcare services of these children.
  • To provide rehabilitation services as well as educational programs in support of these children.
  • To provide nutritional and predation programs to provide adequate diets for these children.
  • To provide healthcare related programs that indirectly contributes to the healthcare and welfare of these children, such as air and water purification systems and adequate heat.
  • To provide these children with needed support equipment such as wheelchairs and hearing aids.
  • To sponsor volunteer healthcare professionals who will provide healthcare services in third world countries in support of these children.
  • To sponsor healthcare professionals to make periodic trips to select locations in third world countries in support of these children.
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