Make a Donation From the Heart

By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Feb 18, 2022
WFCF Make a Donation From the Heart 1

On Valentine’s Day, World Forgotten Children Foundation kicked off their Share the Love campaign to raise funds for children and communities that could use our help. We thought, what better time of year to have the pleasure and opportunity to spread love and generosity to those in need?

Our goal is to raise $500 by the end of February. With our generous donors and supporters, we know we can meet this goal. Our mission does not change. The need does not change. We are asking you to continue your commitment to WFCF by opening your heart to those who need it most. Follow this link to donate to our campaign.

WFCF Make a Donation From the Heart 2

WFCF has exciting updates. We recently announced our Mission Ambassador program and soon you will see a brand new fully updated website. While we are excited about our personal improvements, we are always more excited to continue to help children with disabilities and disadvantaged communities worldwide. Please join us and spread the love!

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